How to Get Someone to Listen?

Answer Getting people to listen to what you are saying is not always easy. Communication involves talking and listening from all parties involved. Listening is not a passive activity. When people listen... Read More »

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How do you know if someone listen to your phone calls?

You do not. The technology is not detectable by the average person.

Can someone listen to your cell phone conversations?

The police can tap your cell phone but they need to get a warrant from a judge permitting it. They have to have a pretty good reason for doing it too. Such as Terrorism etc. I believe your telephon... Read More »

Good songs to listen to when your missing someone?

when youre gone- avril lavigeteardrops on my guitar- taylor swifthope these help, i know you are missing her!

Is Someone Who Makes You Listen To HipHop Music Against Your Will A Rappist?

And if They make a Teen listen to Rap then They're a Statutory Rappist.