How to Get Someone to Listen?

Answer Getting people to listen to what you are saying is not always easy. Communication involves talking and listening from all parties involved. Listening is not a passive activity. When people listen... Read More »

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How do you listen to the TV over the radio like at the gym- I want to watch TV from my treadmill at home but listen to it through my headphones?

I had an update on my phone the Motorola bravo it then said SD card safe to remove When I tried to listen to music It said SD card busy When removed you cant listen to music?

HTC is not a phone. HTC is a company. The following phones have been known as 'iPhonek killers':Samsung Galaxy SHTC Desire HDGoogle Nexus SFor the main part, the above Android phones are more power... Read More »

How do I get my dr to listen to me?

what you're describing sounds like infection, they may be dismissing it if they have you on antibiotics because they assume the problem is already being treated. If you are seeing signs of worsenin... Read More »

Something to listen to?

I love Podiobooks you might like Shadowmagic…I also like the District of Wonders podcasts Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice ... Read More »