How to Get Somebody's Hands Behind Their Back, So You Can Handcuff Them?

Answer This can be difficult for any law officer (or criminal). But with some skill, it's very much possible.

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I always feel like somebodys watching meee!?

We are, didn't I see you wearing a pink shirt arm wrestling recently ?

How to Fold Your Hands Behind Your Back?

This is a new way to stretch by maneuvering backwards. You can really weird out your friends when doing this. Plus, it's a yoga technique. Try it out. Make sure to follow these steps:

Can Raynaud's affect back of hands, too?

It normally affects just the fingers and/or toes of a person, but occasionally, other areas are also affected (e.g. the back of your hands). The exact same thing happens to me, so you're not alone.

What are the causes of back pain&tingling in hands&feet?

Numbness and tingling in the hands and feet in conjunction with back pain can indicate an injury to your back, a problem with a disc or even a disease. While it is usually not a life-threatening il... Read More »