How to Get Some Time Away from Your Boyfriend?

Answer It's not easy to have a boyfriend that is too clingy -- but maybe this can help you.

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Me my boyfriend had sex the first time he had a condom on he pulled out the second time the condom brokehe did ejaculated inside me. What are my chances of being pregnant I Ovulated the past few days?

Your chances are more favorable to be pregnant than not. Anytime you have sex, there is always a chance - with protection or without. oh gosh honey you can get pregnant anytime you do not have prot... Read More »

What should your boyfriend do if his mom left him at her ex-boyfriend's house and she beats him for no reason and throws his stuff out and blames it on her ex-boyfriend?

Answer He needs to call the police or talk to someone at school who can call social services and get him out of that house. It is a horrible life to go through and you should do the best you can to... Read More »

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