How to Get Some Relief from Pressure During Exam Days?

Answer This step by step instructions to how to blow steam off in finals may seem stupid but please try them at least once.

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Does a Pressure Relief Valve on a Pressure Cooker Pop Up During Use?

Whether a pressure relief valve on a pressure cooker pops up during use depends on the type of pressure cooker you have. More modern pressure cookers use either rising valve stems that pop up or ro... Read More »

My son has failed his PUC exam. Lacks concentration. Supplementary exam in 10 days. I am nervous. Pl. ADVICE.?

Dont worry too much.. There are many many children who do not pass their exams.. Parents often feel they lack concentration, no interest to study, or he is very careless about his future etc.....Bu... Read More »

I have blisters on my tongue from a negative reaction to the drug neurontin . How can I get some relief?

go to the store and buy liquid benadryl and some liquid Mylanta or Maalox. Pour out enough of the maalox out of the bottle in order to pour the benadryl in it. Shake well then swish about 2 tablesp... Read More »

Does rubbing your pregnant wife's belly help her to break wind to get some relief from bloating?

Answer As the uterus is in front of the bowels once it is out of the pelvis you cannot actually massage the bowel to help but it may relax her to enable her to pass the wind.