How to Get Some Musicans to Join Your Band?

Answer Do you have a new band and it's just you and a drummer? Looking for a lead guitarist? Well, this Wikihow page will show you how! VERY EASY!

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How to Join a Band?

"Get a second-hand guitar and chances are you'll go far if you get in with the right bunch of fellows." - Bachman-Turner Overdrive. This guide gives some suggestions on how to find and join a band.... Read More »

How to Get More People to Join Your Band?

So you have a band but nobody to join it, or maybe one of your members just left and you have no replacement. Never fear, follow these tips to get some more people into your band.

How to Join a Marching Band?

High school marching band is a highly rewarding activity that requires a lot of hard work. Joining your school's marching band can be the greatest time of your life if you are ready for it.

Is la a good place for rock musicans to live?

Yes, they have a lot of Starbucks to hang out in and fast food restaurants to eat in and plenty of kitchens to work in while they wait for their big break that is never coming.