How to Get Smells Out of a Wooden Cutting Board?

Answer Smells from food items such as meat, garlic and onions can transfer onto a wooden cutting board. These smells may stay on the cutting board after you have washed it, even if you rinse and clean the... Read More »

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How to Oil a Wooden Cutting Board?

Wooden cutting boards can dry and crack if they're not oiled regularly. Oil also prevents the wood from absorbing stains and bacteria. Most food-safe oils do the job, though food-grade mineral oil ... Read More »

Should you season a new wooden cutting board?

On One Hand: Health and Aesthetic BenefitsWood is a naturally dry, porous material, which can crack easily. It is also vulnerable to infestations of mold and bacteria. Since cutting boards regularl... Read More »

How to Finish a Wooden Cutting Board?

Whether you made your own cutting board, or you sanded off an old surface and need to know what to do next, finishing a wooden cutting board yourself can be quite simple. The main considerations to... Read More »

Can you use a wooden cutting board for pork?

Wood cutting boards can be used for either raw or cooked pork. It is generally a good idea, however, to have one cutting board for cooked or ready-to-eat foods and one for raw meat. With any cuttin... Read More »