How to Get Skyscrapers in Sim City 4?

Answer If you have been building a city that has a big population, but no tall buildings, here are a few pointers on helping you get skyscrapers.

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How to Solve a Skyscrapers Puzzle?

A skyscrapers puzzle requires determining the heights of a grid of buildings. Numbers at the edges of the grid tell the number of skyscrapers visible from that direction. Taller buildings block the... Read More »

How to Construct Scale Model Skyscrapers?

The term skyscraper refers to buildings that are at least 10 stories high. The first skyscraper, the Home Insurance Building, was built in Chicago in 1885. This 10-story structure was the first bui... Read More »

Why don't they have parachutes on the top floors of skyscrapers incase of an emergency?

I've though about that when 9/11 happened, but it would cost a lot of money and you would have to teach everyone how to use one.

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