How to Get Skinny Calves?

Answer Large calves can make your legs appear short, stocky and overweight. This may damage your self-confidence and limit the types of clothing that you feel comfortable wearing. If you would like to sli... Read More »

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How do you get a good fit in skinny jeans im a guy and everytime I buy some its not that skinny at the ankles?

Get the super skinny fit in a guys size. It's not as tight as girl's skinny jeans but they do look and fit better. The other one's are too baggy

How to Get Big Calves?

You have 2 major calf muscles, the gastrocnemius and the soleus. If you want to quickly develop bigger calves, it makes sense to focus your muscle-building efforts on the gastrocnemius, the larger ... Read More »

How to Get Smaller Calves?

The calves in the human body consist largely of the gastrocnemius muscles located on the back of the lower legs, and are responsible for the flexion of the knees and feet. Large calves result from ... Read More »

How do I get bigger calves?