How to Get Siblings to Do Their Fair Share in Elder Parents Care?

Answer Decisions in regards to taking care of aging parents requires effort and organization from the adult children, and it can require even more between the siblings. While it is important to express yo... Read More »

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How to Help Your Elder Parents Plan Financially for Their Care?

You might be worried the day your parents start showing signs of memory loss and their bodies become really frail. And when that day comes, you and your parents have to welcome a more challenging p... Read More »

Should babies sleep in the same bed with their parents or share a crib with siblings?

Yes, we have shared our bed with each of our 4 kids for the first 2-3 years of their lives. We all enjoyed the experience very much. Contrary to what people often think, the child doesn't have a ... Read More »

How should parents share the daily/nightly care of a newborn?

I'm a breastfeeding mom so dad can't really help with that BUT if baby needs a diaper or if I need him to hold her for me to refill my water then yes he needs to help (and does help) You need to t... Read More »

How do you show parents and siblings that you still care about them after getting married?

You could call them and tell them that you care about them , or if you live nearby, go and visit them.