How to Get Shiny Pokemon in FireRed?

Answer Shiny Pokemon were introduced to the Pokemon franchise in the second-generation Pokemon games. While they're ultimately no different from their regular versions (aside from the color and flashing a... Read More »

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How to Get the Smeargle in "Pokemon FireRed" & "Pokemon LeafGreen"?

Smeargle, a normal-type Pokemon known to use its tail like a paintbrush to indicate its territory, dwells in only one or two locations in every "Pokemon" game. As it levels up, it learns the abilit... Read More »

How to Make a Shiny Starter in Pokémon FireRed?

Shiny Pokémon sparkle when sent into battle and are a different color than regular Pokemon. They're also rare, with a 1-in-8,192 chance of encountering one. These same odds apply to the starter Po... Read More »

How to Get Cut in Pokemon FireRed?

Having the move Cut can be important in the Pokemon game Fire Red. It will allow you to cut trees and enter that area. The following steps will help you acquire this neat move!

How to Get a Red Celebi on "Pokemon: FireRed"?

Shiny Pokémon feature an alternate color to their normal form. The legendary Pokémon Celebi normally appears as a light shade of green, but its shiny form is a light red color. You normally only ... Read More »