How to Get Shaymin on Pokemon Diamond?

Answer The Pokemon Shaymin has always been an amazing thing. Here is how to get it quite easily.

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How to Catch Shaymin on Pokemon Diamond or Pearl?

This is how to catch Shaymin.[1] You don't have to have an Action Replay, but it makes it faster.

How to Get Shaymin on Nintendo "Pokemon Platinum"?

Shaymin wasn't officially released as a character for "Pokemon Platinum" until early 2008, and access to the character is extremely limited. It is possible to unlock Shaymin either during time fram... Read More »

How to Make All Wild Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond Version Lv. 99?

This will teach you how to make all wild Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond or Pearl level 99. you will need an action replay. to activate the code, you must press L,R,and select at the same time,

How to Evolve Certain Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl?

Are you tired of trying to find that Magnezone you have been hearing about? Are you sick and tired of not having an awesome Vespiquen like the Elite Fours'? Do you want an Electivire like your frie... Read More »