How to Get Shadow Shuckle in "Pokemon Colosseum"?

Answer In the role-playing game "Pokemon Colosseum" by Nintendo for the GameCube, you play a reformed member of the evil Team Snagem. Your character is out to capture and save the Shadow Pokemon from the... Read More »

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What Are All of Shuckle's Moves in "Pokemon SoulSilver"?

In "Pokemon SoulSilver," Shuckle is a Bug- and Rock-type Pokemon that lives in a shell. Although it fails to appear intimidating, Shuckle is unique in that it has the highest defensive abilities in... Read More »

How to Get Shadow Lugia in Pokemon Fire Red?

Capturing Shadow Lugia--a rare Legendary Pokemon--can be a rather tricky business, considering how strong it is. What makes the process even more difficult is that if you’re playing Pokemon Fire ... Read More »

How to Get Shadow Lugia in Pokemon Crystal?

Shadow Lugia is the dark, evil version of the original legendary Pokémon Lugia. This version of Lugia is only available in the Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness game for GameCube and cannot be traded ... Read More »

How to Catch Shadow Lugia in Pokemon Ruby Destiny?

Pokemon masters seek to capture all Pokemon, ranging from the most common all the way up to the Legendary Pokemon. Shadow Lugia is a rare Legendary Pokemon that is gigantic in size, possesses power... Read More »