How to Get Secret Characters in "Dragonball Z: Super Sonic Warriors 2"?

Answer "Dragonball Z Super Sonic Warriors 2" was a game on the Nintendo DS system that featured characters from the Dragoball Z series. There were many secret characters that could be unlocked only via co... Read More »

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How to Get Secret Characters for Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2?

Released in 2005 for the Nintendo DS, "Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2" players control characters from the popular cartoon show in one-on-one matches against opponents. Like most fighting gam... Read More »

In super smash brostHE fIRST gAMEwhat are the secret characters besides nesscaptain falconluigiand jiggly puff?

there are no more, you unlocked all 4. the next game has 11 unlockable characters, and the third game has about 18 or so.

How to Power Level Characters in Dynasty Warriors 6?

Lu Bu getting you down? The harder missions in your Musou mode kicking you up one end of the street and down the other? There's a way around that doesn't take too long and ensures victory practical... Read More »

How to Get Super Saiyan 3 Broly in "DragonBall Z: Raging Blast"?

Besides the default characters that are available at all times, occasionally fighting games will hide additional characters throughout the game that can be unlocked by completing a certain task. In... Read More »