How to Get Scratches Out of a Car Windscreen?

Answer Those who travel gravel or rocky roads know it doesn't take long to get chips or scratches in your car windshield, also called a windscreen. Even if you don't travel on gravel roads, you may end up... Read More »

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Windscreen Chip Law?

The windscreen chip law is part of the U.K.'s annual vehicle inspection for motor vehicles over three years of age. The entire windscreen of a vehicle is checked for chips and cracks.

How to Remove a Windscreen?

The windscreen in your vehicle requires proper care and maintenance to ensure it is kept in good condition. If your windscreen becomes damaged or scratched, repair or replace it. Removal of the win... Read More »

DIY Motorcycle Windscreen?

When riding down the highway on your motorcycle, there's nothing quite like the sound of cars whizzing past and the feel of wind in your hair. But if the windscreen on your bike is broken, you coul... Read More »

How to Fix a Windscreen Chip?

A chipped windscreen, or windshield, can be more than an annoyance. If not promptly repaired, the chip can widen into a crack that threatens the structural integrity of your windshield. If the dama... Read More »