How to Get Scene Hair when You Have Thin Hair?

Answer You want the scene hair style, but your hair has always been thin and drab. Here's how you can get big colorful hair from thin and plain hair.

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I have thin hair?

I have thin hair as well. Sense I have gone to cosmetology school I have learned a lot about hair. If you have thin hair you are most likely a product baby which just means that you need A LOT of p... Read More »

How to Have Scene Hair?

"Scene hair" is a particular type of hairstyle worn by those in the emo clique, both by boys and girls. Scene hair tends to be very voluminous and dramatically dyed. Each scene hair style varies fr... Read More »

Should i get hair extensions Or is there something I can do about my thin hair?

Hi yasmine well i understand you im the same way i hate having thin hair well i could tell you you should get extensions and it makes ur hair thicker couse thats what im doing i got mine for 100 bu... Read More »

What is the best hair color for women with thin hair?

On One Hand: Lighter Shades BestAny color can make thinning hair look thicker and give the appearance of volume. Color coats the hair shaft and thickens it. Generally, though, medium and lighter sh... Read More »