How to Get Scalped Tickets?

Answer If you are ever desperate for tickets for something or other, and you don't want, for some reason, to buy them from the event organizers/team, you can try getting them from a scalper, someone who r... Read More »

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Is buying scalped tickets illegal?

It depends on the state or local legislation. Scalping is a common practice often used to sell an item for more than its face value. Many individuals have been conned by scalpers by buying fake, wo... Read More »

Which Indian Tribes Scalped?

Scalping was a practice conducted by some American Indian tribes before Europeans came to the continent. Warriors would cut off their enemies' hair and scalps after defeating them in battle, and co... Read More »

How do you get tickets to late night with Jimmy Fallon and how far in advance are tickets released?

Yes which is now teen nick but iCarly is also on Nickelodeon.

Where can I buy tickets from the USA to GB?

Tickets are about $10k one way, but some firms will refund the full amount if you survive the swim across Bering Strait. Time, about 4 months, including the walk/swim from the nearest railway stat... Read More »