How to Get Salt Stains out of Your Car's Carpet?

Answer If you drive in a cold climate, you'll very likely end up with white stains on your car's carpeting from road salt. Fortunately it's easy, if a little repetitive, to get the stains out. Here's how.

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How do you clean carpet stains with Morton salt...all stains?

AnswerOne reason is if you are using a copper ionizer this can casue a black coating anywhere on the pool. If this is not the case it could also be your pH off balance. Other than that I do not kno... Read More »

What's the best way to get salt stains out of carpet?

Vinegar & water. Unless you're talking DNA salt, then I don't know.

How to Remove Salt Stains From a Car's Carpet?

Winter weather brings snow along with an abundance of salt that embeds in the carpet of the car. Don't worry about the carpet being ruined. Follow the techniques below to completely remove the irri... Read More »

How to Remove Crude Oil Stains from Your Carpet?

Crude oil occurs naturally and is found underground. Crude oil forms when organic matter, such as dead animals and plants, mixes with mud and sand. The primary use of crude oil is in fuel, for cars... Read More »