How to Get Rid of the White Space Between Divs?

Answer Web designers use Cascading Style Sheet rules to design web pages. These rules allow the designer to establish and manipulate blocks of content which are known as divs. A problem, sometimes referre... Read More »

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Both quartzite and marble are metamorphic rocks, which means they were formed naturally from other rocks through a combination of heat and pressure. They may look similar, but they have some key di... Read More »

How to Use White Space to Improve Readability?

Back in 'the day' when typewriters were common, the rule of thumb was to put in two spaces after periods and other 'sentence enders', but one space after other punctuation.[1][2] This was because t... Read More »

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How to Create Business Letter White Space?

You can write many different types of business letters during your working years. You might be selling a product, inquiring about a job or writing other business correspondence. No matter what type... Read More »