How to Get Rid of the Paint Smell in a Restored Car?

Answer You recently painted your late-model car as part of the vehicle's restoration process. Everything is fine, but the strong paint smell. The odor is present inside the car, and the smell is not only ... Read More »

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How to Combat the Smell of Paint?

Decorating is enough of a hassle without the cloying odour of paint fumes. Even some low VOC products still seem to smell. But these tips are really simple yet effective!

Turn on the AC or off to get rid of the paint smell?

The indoor air circulation system in an AC is closed. Only the air inside the home is moved. No outside air is introduced.So with that, turn off the AC and open a few windows. You can help the p... Read More »

What is this Strange paint smell?

It almost sounds like old paint. Yes, paint spoils too, and can even acquire a rotten-egg smell. It's too bad you didn't wait for the paint to air out for several days, but it's understandable why ... Read More »

How do you get the paint smell out of a room?

you can put a bowl of vinegar in the room for a couple of days or scented oils, or you can just keep the windows open. but vinegar works best in my opinion.high school girlbut if you put vinegar in... Read More »