How to Get Rid of the Little Bees That Hover Around Your Food?

Answer Bees can be a bother at the best of times, but when you are trying to eat, they also can be dangerous. If you are planning an outside meal during the spring or summer, you should plan ahead so that... Read More »

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How much of a threat are bees in the house to your two-month old daughter if occasionally you find bees in your house and most often they are dead but recently one was flying around?

Answer Me personally I wouldn't let a bee near a young baby, in case he/she is allergic, I just wouldn't risk it at all. And the dead ones who's to say it hasn't already bit someone??

What was your fave meal/food home made when you were little.I'm 43 so their wasnt pizzas or things like that.?

I'm 37 and from UK and we didn't have pizzas till i was about 10. yeah they were exactly how patsy described them. toast toppers were great tho! my fave school dinner was spam fritters and at home ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Small Black Flying Insects That Stay Around My Food?

If you notice small black flying insects in your home, they are likely fruit flies. Fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) are persistent pests that are attracted to food left in the open. Adults se... Read More »

If you have bees swarming in a corner of your house that is unreachable and pest control could not do the job is there any poison out there that you can attach to a water hose?

If you have bees swarming, you either have a hive already or they're on the move and looking for a place to live. They could be splitting a hive and a new queen will leave with some of them. Find a... Read More »