How to Get Rid of the Lag in "Minecraft"?

Answer Minecraft is perhaps the best example of a construction oriented sandbox game. It is intended for those who prefer to create a game's content, such as castles, mountains and other virtual structure... Read More »

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How to Make a TV in Minecraft?

Making a TV is an easy and simple task. This TV can be a wonderful attraction for the Living Room. If you have no clue on how to make one, then here's the article for you!

How can I recover my Minecraft?

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How to Download Minecraft?

This will show you how to download Minecraft. This wikiHow is easy to follow and good for new Minecraft players.

Minecraft question for ju?

Assuming that you have permission to use the command, "/tp playername targetname" teleports the player named "playername" to the player named "targetname".Note that on unmodified servers, this comm... Read More »