How to Get Rid of the Appearance of a Girl Mustache?

Answer Some women may enjoy facial hair on men. However, on themselves it's a different story. Women can removed any unwanted facial hair above the lip by using a simple waxing technique. Waxing is done b... Read More »

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Im a girl and i have a mustache?

You can always have an upper lip waxing. They are reasonably affordable these days (something like 17-30 dollars) and can last several weeks. Most health spas will do it and can do other hair remov... Read More »

GUYS, what's the first thing you notice about a girl's appearance?

a hot boddy = nice a.s.s/legs boobs i dont care about as much.

What was the cartoon with the robot who could change his appearance and the orphan girl who are on the run from the government?

I think you are taking about The Zeta Project, a spinoff of Batman Beyond that aired on Kids WB in 2001.

How to Dye Your Mustache?

Different parts of your hair will start to gray at different times. This is also true for your facial hair. Whether you're completely gray and want to give yourself a younger look, or your mustache... Read More »