How to Get Rid of an 'Asleep' Foot?

Answer Paresthesia, also known as an "asleep foot," or "that pins and needles" feeling, is pretty annoying, especially when you don't know how to get rid of it. Thankfully, there are some cures that have ... Read More »

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If I make my foot fall asleep and let it stay asleep for a while can that be bad?

Please disregard the previous posts, for the most part they are incorrect/uninformed.The tingling and eventual numbness you feel is due to lack of [enough] oxygen in the tissue. Your limb falls as... Read More »

AHHHHH my foot is asleep!!!!!!?

well looks like you are going to die, just remember to put me on your will.

Help, I'm sitting on the toilet and my foot is asleep?

Oh No,There is no cure for Bathroom foot fall asleep-mitosos,amputation is the only way.

Why does your foot fall asleep?

Many people say this is because you've cut off the blood supply to your foot, but your nerves are more to blame. Nerves are like tiny threads or wires that run through your whole body, and they car... Read More »