How to Get Rid of a Writer's Callus?

Answer Sometimes we write too hard with pens and pencils, which can cause a callus on our fingers. A writer's callus, or writer's bump, is just a bunch of dead skin cells really. We can take the long way ... Read More »

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How do you get rid of a callus?

To get rid of a callus you first have to soak it in cold water for a few days and once it seems like its ready peel it off or if you do not want to peel it off keep soaking it in cold water

How to Remove a Callus?

A callus is the hard thickening of the skin due to friction. Most calluses are developed on the hands or feet. For calluses on the feet, shoes or standing for long periods of time can be the culpri... Read More »

How to Treat a Corn or Callus?

A corn or callus is defined as an area of thick, hardened, dead skin. They typically form on the bottom or sides of the feet and, if left untreated, can become painful or infected. Follow these ste... Read More »

Can Callus Remover Get Rid of Age Spots?

Age spots, sometimes mistakenly called liver spots, are small, flat dark skin discolorations that occur on several places on the body, according to the Mayo Clinic. They are often most noticeable o... Read More »