How to Get Rid of a Window That Won't Close in Windows XP?

Answer Close a windowed application in Windows XP that appears to have stopped responding.

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How do you close a Bosch dishwasher door that wont close?

Buy any brand but Bosch ---mine less than 2 yrs old ---poor design of door latch apparently wears out but doesn't actually break. Have to take door apart to reset latch every few days. $600+ piece ... Read More »

Why wont Windows Live Movie Maker wont speed up my video?

because your computer is not equipped to deal with editing the video from your camcorder. Just because it has issues in MovieMaker does not mean what you want to do will not work. Render/save as/ex... Read More »

My cut wont close.. should i get stitches?

Push your cut together,then kinda stich it with a bandaid. I am sorry about your cutting problem. What did the doctor say about you cutting? Did he give you tips to help with the cutting? Work on g... Read More »

My cut wont close. should i get stitches?

A) if it's been a "week," it's too long to close it with stitches. it has to close naturally.B) i think you know you have a problem, so I'm not gonna preach. cutting is just a non-productive way of... Read More »