How to Get Rid of a Sour Milk Smell in a Car?

Answer If you have a sour milk smell in your car, it can be a serious distraction while you're driving and for your passengers. This embarrassing situation requires some investigative work to correct. Th... Read More »

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Why is a sour milk smell coming from the refrigerator?

It's probably from something that is or was spoiled. I think it's also because something could have spilled that was spoiled and the smell stayed with it. To get rid of it try using Baking Soda.

How to Remove Sour Milk Smell From a Car Interior?

A sour milk odor in your car interior can be distracting and even a bit uncomfortable to the senses. Once sour milk gets into the fibers of the carpet or the interior it may seem like it will never... Read More »

How do you get the sour smell out of towels I notice the smell after about 2-3 uses, i use fab/soft regulary?

Buy some dry bleach or some Borax, that will refreshen them.

Why does my perspiration smell sour?

Sweating is a natural process designed to cool the body and remove toxins. Sweating is also a process that secretes our individual scent markers.Sweat GlandsOur bodies have two kinds of sweat gland... Read More »