How to Get Rid of a Nightmare?

Answer Eek! Another scary nightmare. You might as well not sleep at all. But that isn't healthy, so what on Earth are you going to do? Not sleep or live your life scared? None of the above! What you shoul... Read More »

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How to Tell if Someone Is Having a Nightmare?

Do you have children, or a friend who is worried about having nightmares? Or are you yourself worried about another persons dream health? This page will tell you how to spot someone having a nightm... Read More »

Why was Nightmare On Elm Street 2 so bad?

2 was definetly one I wouldn't watch againPart 3 Dream Warriors is the best by a mile.

Neighbours are a nightmare! help?

i i had trouble with an old neighbor of mine who would do that and scream and shout in the middle of the night and play his music at 3 in the morning!!! that was until i lost my rag and went round ... Read More »

How to Fall Asleep Again After a Nightmare?

Have you ever had a nightmare so bad that you've had to keep the light on, hug a stuffed toy and stare at the ceiling until sunrise? Follow these steps and you'll have fallen asleep again in no time.