How to Get Rid of a Maggot Infestation?

Answer A simple guide on how to annihilate a maggot infestation, using household materials.

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How to Be a Maggot?

The term "maggot" doesn't mean those icky little creatures. Well, it does, but it is also the name affectionately given to fans of the metal band Slipknot.

What should you do if you swallow a maggot?

I would imagine the bile your gallbladder makes would kill all the bacteria and the maggot itself, then it would just pass through your system. I would not recommend drinking a lot of fluids becaus... Read More »

Found maggot in quaker rice chips?

That flies lay their eggs on rotting meat was my first reaction after I read your question and before I read the details. Save the maggot by putting it into a little bottle with some alcohol and w... Read More »

Bug infestation on sec 8 in ct?

If the child predator has fulfilled his obligations to the state and was living there before you moved in, you will likely have a problem kicking him out - they have to live somewhere. It could be ... Read More »