How to Get Rid of a Cigarette Smell in Air Vents?

Answer Cigarette smells can be some of the toughest odors to completely remove from a car. Even if you clean the interior of the car thoroughly, the scent may linger in the vents. Without proper odor elim... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Moldy Smell in Auto AC Vents?

When your car air vents have a musty, moldy smell when they blow air it typically indicates a problem with the drain pan hose of you car's air conditioning unit. This hose can develop a clog from t... Read More »

Why does the air from my vents smell musty from the air conditioner?

A musty smell in an air conditioner occurs when the collection of water does not completely evaporate. The musty smell comes from mold that grows in damp areas.Mold OdorsMold odors form from micro... Read More »

Sewer smell coming from apartment sink and vents..?

First off, I believe the pipe that you are talking about is the condensation pipe. Any AC unit will have condensation and that water needs somewhere to go. I have never heard of the pipe being ra... Read More »

How do I get a cigarette smell out of a car?

DeodorizersSpray a non-chemical enzyme throughout the vehicle to neutralize the odor. This may not eliminate the cigarette smell completely; spraying a deodorizer, like Febreze, will only help elim... Read More »