How to Get Rid of a Car That Was Reaffirmed in Bankruptcy?

Answer When you file for bankruptcy, you have the option of reaffirming the debt related to a car. Reaffirmation specifically involves entering into a contract with the car's lender, approved by the bankr... Read More »

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What Items Can Be Reaffirmed During Bankruptcy?

Reaffirmation in bankruptcy refers to the debtor's voluntary agreement to pay back all or a certain percentage of certain debts to the creditor. There are many advantages to reaffirming items in ba... Read More »

Benefits to Companies That File Bankruptcy?

For a business, bankruptcy is associated with the near death of that business. It is the end of the line when they are in so much debt that they cannot raise enough money to cover repayments. There... Read More »

Can I Put in a Contract That the Obligations Cannot Be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

In the 1938 case of Johnson vs. Zerbst, the U.S. Supreme Court defined "waiver" as an "intentional relinquishment or abandonment of a known right or privilege." The bankruptcy discharge, along with... Read More »

What Happens to the Stock of a Company That Declares Bankruptcy?

Commercial bankruptcies are complicated legal proceedings not only for corporations involved in these types of cases but for their shareholders as well. As a stockholder in a corporation that files... Read More »