How to Get Rid of Voles & Ground Squirrels?

Answer Voles and ground squirrels are two common lawn pests that dig up the yard and ruin a garden. While both creatures eat bulbs and some types of plants, voles dig holes through the lawn and garden. Sq... Read More »

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How to Repel Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrels?

The golden-mantled ground squirrel resembles a chipmunk, which leads many homeowners to confuse the two. The small rodent is covered in brownish-gray fur and two black stripes that run across its b... Read More »

Are ground squirrels taken care of by the mother or father?

According to information from the University of Michigan, the act of parenting is carried out within a family of ground squirrels by the mother, who cares for a litter of squirrels from gestation t... Read More »

How do you keep ground squirrels from eating your tomatoes?

How do squirrels keep their nuts safe from other squirrels?

Eating Habits: The average adult squirrel must eat about a pound of food a week to remain healthy. They are omnivores, so they will eat things such as: birdseed, spring bulbs, tree buds, frogs, sma... Read More »