How to Get Rid of Very Dry Knees from Shaving?

Answer If you're getting scaly skin on your knees from shaving your legs, these may be just the tips you need.

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How to Get Rid of Dry Knees From Shaving?

Women shave their legs to have sexier, better-looking legs. But when you get dry knees from shaving, your legs aren't so sexy anymore. Luckily, you can combat dry skin from shaving. ... Read More »

First time shaving pubic hair, very uncomfortable after shave, itching and redness, any ideas on how to solve?

Instead of using a straight blade or mulitple blade razor use a beard trimmer. Cleans up nicely and doesn't cause bumps or razor burn. Clipping your skin can happen but don't freak out. It will ble... Read More »

Washing very dirty walls. They have smoke residue on them from the fireplace. I need something very strong?

All you need is Shark steam cleaner. very safe very reliable and very fun. it will only cost you a few bucks out of your pocket. so buy the shark steam cleaner!

How to Moisturize While Shaving Your Legs Without Shaving Cream?

So everyone is cutting back on things these days. Financially, families are having tough times making ends meet. Another way to cut back is to eliminate buying shaving cream to shave your legs. Her... Read More »