How to Get Rid of Variables With Exponents?

Answer After learning basic algebra concepts, such as working with variables and working through equations, students will progress on to working with more complicated expressions. One of these concepts ma... Read More »

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Rules When Using Variables As Exponents?

Exponents are a standard feature of the mathematical landscape. When written, exponents are small numbers or variables written in the superscript position--to the upper right of another symbol (the... Read More »

How to Do Equations With Variables & Exponents?

In order to solve algebraic equations involving exponents, you must first know how to solve basic algebraic equations, such as 4n + 3 = 11. The presence of exponents of degree-two or greater necess... Read More »

Terms That Have Identical Variables & Exponents?

Terms that have identical variables and exponents are called "like" terms because they look alike. These like terms play a crucial role during the simplification of algebraic expressions and equati... Read More »

What do variables mean?

Variables are one of the more fundamental concepts in computer science. Programmers speak of declaring and initializing variables and assigning values to them. Put simply, variables are references ... Read More »