How to Get Rid of VMWare From XP?

Answer VMware develops a line of virtual machine programs that run operating systems inside a window on other operating systems such as Windows XP. The guest operating system executes in a virtual machine... Read More »

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How to Copy Data From VMware to HDD?

VMware Workstation is a virtual machine manager for Windows. The Mac version of the software is called VMware Fusion. It allows you to run a second operating system on your computer by borrowing ha... Read More »

I'm using VMware to install virtual XP on my Windows 7. Can I install the XP OS from my old PC without a disc?

vm player is ok, but i would recommend oracle vm virtualbox. It allows you to snapshot you vm, which vmware doesnt. definately use oracle.. way can NOT install an os on vm player. vm pla... Read More »

How to Install VMware and Use VMware to Install Ubuntu?

VMware Workstation is very useful application that can provide you a feature function to install several Operating Systems in it. You can switch between some Operating System frequently while you a... Read More »

How do I add a CPU to VMware?

Click "Start," "All Programs," "VMware" and "VMware Workstation." Press "F9" on your keyboard for the sidebar to appear on the left-hand side of your screen. The sidebar lists all of the virtual ma... Read More »