How to Get Rid of Tracking Cookies?

Answer Tracking cookies can be sometime considred a spyware. Therefore, many antiviruses can be an effective way to remove them...

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How do you get rid of tracking cookies?

i use and prefer security_privacy software Mil Shield because it reaches my standard about this is stable on Win7 and it perfectly cleans tracking and other kind of cookies:

Should you get rid of tracking cookies?

On One Hand: Yes, They Are a Privacy ThreatWebsites leave little files in web browsers called cookies to store information they may need the next time you visit the website. However, sites can also... Read More »

Are tracking cookies bad?

On One Hand: They Won't Hurt Your ComputerUnlike computer viruses, worms or trojans, tracking cookies do not corrupt data on your hard drive or hunt for information that could be used to steal your... Read More »

Why Do I Keep Getting Tracking Cookies?

According to the Wall Street Journal, most individuals who visit major websites have cookies installed on their computers. A tracking cookie is a specific type of cookie used for the purpose of gat... Read More »