How to Get Rid of Termites?

Answer Out of all the countless insects, rodents, critters and other pests that disturb and discomfort homeowners everywhere, none is more dangerous than the termite. Only termites can singlehandedly ruin... Read More »

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Are termites red?

While most termites are white, cream or dark brown in color, some termites, including formosan subterranean termites and alates (wingless termites)can be red in color or have small red heads and ap... Read More »

Are termites toxic?

On One Hand: Termites Won't Hurt You"Toxic" isn't the right word here; "poisonous" is the word you are looking for. Termites are able to secrete poison from their abdomen when attacked. This poison... Read More »

Do woodpeckers eat termites?

Woodpeckers eat insects that humans consider to be pests, including termites. They also eat nuts and berries. One reason why woodpeckers tap on wood with their beaks is to find food. They also hamm... Read More »

Termites in Georgia?

Georgia is home to three termite species: Eastern subterranean, Formosan subterranean and West Indian drywood. Only one of these species, Eastern subterranean, is native to Georgia. Subterranean te... Read More »