How to Get Rid of Tanning Bed Odor?

Answer Everyone who tans is familiar with the distinctive scent that lingers on the body, known as After Tanning Odor, or ATO. Despite urban legend, this scent is not the smell of the internal organs bein... Read More »

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How to Rid Your Body of a Tanning Bed Odor?

Tanning beds may leave a smelly odor on your skin. This might be a natural reaction from the bacteria that lives on your skin.[1] Sometimes it's just the smell of the disinfectant the salon uses to... Read More »

How to Rid a Body of a Tanning Bed Odor?

Many people use tanning salon beds for some quick UV rays and a warm bronzed look. Unfortunately, the heat from the tanning bed causes a bacteria that lives on the skin to produce an odor in a good... Read More »

Tips for Removing Face Tanning and Arms Tanning Using Home Remedies?

Sunless tanner provides a tan that looks like you have spent all day in the sun, but without the risk of developing skin cancer. Sometimes self tanner can be too orange or end up looking splotchy. ... Read More »

What's a nice tanning lotion for my daughter i bought her a tanning gift certificate for her 10th birthday...?

Can't beat straight babby oil!!! Nature's crisper.Don't forget to buy her a thong, you wouldn't want her to have those unsightly tan lines.Also, get those playboy bunny stickers for her cheeks. Y... Read More »