How to Get Rid of Shine on the Face?

Answer If your face is shiny, chances are you have oily skin, or skin that is prone to be oily in certain conditions, such as humidity. Aside from wanting to look fresh and clean, you may want to fix your... Read More »

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How to Remove a Face Shine in Photoshop?

Face shine in a photograph comes from oily skin or sweat, and can be minimized before the photograph is taken by using a matte face powder. Whether face shine was caused by the camera flash or oily... Read More »

Home Remedies for a Shine Free Face?

Most shiny faces are the result of too much oil on the skin. The body overproduces sebum, a natural oil that lubricates the entire body. While oily skin is more susceptible to breakouts like pimple... Read More »

How to Make One Light Shine on Your Face on GIMP?

The free photo editing and digital painting program "GIMP" is capable of adding many different looks and effects to photographs. It is not possible to completely change the lighting direction in a ... Read More »

How do you shine combat boots if the factory shine is still on?

A fresh combat boot from factory can be shine to a higher shine, but it'll be troublesome in the future, as the layer will get crack because the nourishing layers did not absorb into the boots. How... Read More »