How to Get Rid of Sharpie on Hard Floors?

Answer Do you get tired of your little ones drawing on your hard floors with sharpie markers? Well here is how to get rid of it!

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Can you get Sharpie pen out of wood floors?

ToothpasteUse a damp cloth to rub a small amount of non-abrasive toothpaste into the spot. Let the toothpaste set for at least two minutes. Wash off the toothpaste with warm, soapy water and dry. R... Read More »

How to Get Sharpie or Permanent Marker out of Hard Surfaces?

All of us make mistakes and we learn from them, but here is a trick that I want to tell you about getting every mark of Sharpie or permanent marker off of a hard surface.

Which type of knife is good to clean stains in kitchen floors, oil stains on floors and hard and dried dust?

butter knife.......... it wont leave ur floor scratchy.......

What type of hard floors are best with dogs?

Any hard floors are usually ok as long as your dog does not chew things. If it does, do not use a laminate that can be pulled up, as your dog will probably find a way to eat it. Also, if your dogs ... Read More »