How to Get Rid of Scabs Without Picking Them?

Answer If you've ever skinned your knee or accidentally cut your finger, you are likely familiar with scabs. A scab is a crust-like covering that forms over a wound as a protective covering until the woun... Read More »

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Stop Picking Your Scabs?

Picking scabs is a hard habit to break, especially if you are bored or worried. If you have a bad habit of picking your scabs, this article is for you.

Is it good to be picking on scabs and pimples just to get rid of it off your face?

This will leave scars on your face which in the long run will look worse that the scabs/pimples...

I Have Mosquito Bites and i scratch them scabs everywhere! HELP!?

First you should NOT scratch them no matter how itchy. Next grab some cooking oil and cook some garlic pieces (best if you chop them) and cook it till they are brown and then let the oil cool. Then... Read More »

If you soak pinto beans all day can you rinse them and put them into the fridge overnight without cooking them first?

Answer Yes, but it might be good to try soaking them overnight as well - just chance the water for fresh and leave them to soak.