How to Get Rid of Reptile Mites?

Answer Mites are an all-too-common sight on many pet reptiles and can lead to numerous health issues and physical discomfort. Mites, like ticks, are small parasitic bugs that can either live on your repti... Read More »

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Do you ever start looking around your house thinking of dust mites, all the mites in your bed......?

When I first saw this science show about dust mites and how they look under a microscope it really did freak me out. We drop all of these dead skin cells and that's what they eat. How disgusting! ... Read More »

Is a salamander a reptile?

According to the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences at Virginia Tech, salamanders are amphibians and not reptiles. Like frogs, these creatures must reproduce in water and therefore live ... Read More »

How many UV lamps does my reptile need?

This depends on how big your terrarium is. But a good rule to follow is that if your reptile is diurnal, it needs to be under full spectrum lighting anywhere in its enclosure. Full spectrum is anot... Read More »

How to Set Up a Reptile Terrarium?

We take reptiles out of their natural environment to keep them in our homes in a terrarium. Depending on the type of species you have, your creature will require heat, light, water and entertainmen... Read More »