How to Get Rid of Rampant Brambles?

Answer Although controlling brambles can be a gardener's or land owner's nightmare, there are steps that can be taken to reclaim land overrun by brambles, or at least prevent their spread. Brambles are an... Read More »

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When did HIV become rampant?

It is thought that the HIV pandemic began in the middle to late 1970s. It was in 1981 that larger groups of people became ill and were dying from a disease that doctors were puzzled by, later named... Read More »

Weed Killer for Brambles?

From blackberries to poison oak, brambles and woody weeds create eyesores in the garden. Removal is often difficult because these plants begin to grow under the soil's surface. The brambles must be... Read More »

Can brambles out grow orange rust?

On One Hand: Keeping Diseased PlantsOrange rust is a serious fungal disease. While plants typically survive, the infection is systemic and weakens the plant such that it is unlikely to bear fruit. ... Read More »

Can I use a hedgecutter to cut weeds and nettles/brambles?

With hedge trimmers the weeds will usually just bend in between the blades instead of actually being cut. They make scissors designed especially for cutting weeds and various problem grasses. They ... Read More »