How to Get Rid of Raccoon Eyes From a Tanning Bed?

Answer Protecting your eyes from ultraviolet rays make the difference between maintaining healthy eyes and having permanent eye damage. Without proper protection, ultraviolet rays from a tanning bed penet... Read More »

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How to Avoid Raccoon Eyes in a Tanning Bed?

When you tan in a tanning bed, you expose your skin to powerful ultraviolet exposure that is concentrated within the small area of the tanning bed. Because of the strength of these ultraviolet rays... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Raccoon Eyes?

Raccoon eyes is a term to describe dark circles under the eyes or when women's mascara has run and left them looking like a raccoon. If your raccoon eyes occur frequently and are not a result of sm... Read More »

How to Prevent Raccoon Eyes?

To prevent raccoon eyes, or under eye smudge so to speak - the best way is to use proper products from the start. Each day our body produces lots of sweat and this is what will smudge your mascara ... Read More »

Does Sunless Tanning Cause Dry Eyes?

Sunless tanning is considered a safe way to achieve a bronze skin tone, but some types of sunless tanning products can adversely affect the eye area and should be used with caution. Dryness is not ... Read More »