How to Get Rid of Rabbits?

Answer Rabbits live almost everywhere and are usually relatively harmless. However, if the rabbit population has gotten too large, if rabbits are digging holes under sheds or other buildings for shelter, ... Read More »

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How to Breed Rabbits?

A show rabbit.Are you considering breeding rabbits? This can be a lot of work, no matter how old you are. This article will tell you how to breed rabbits of any kind.

How to Introduce Rabbits?

Rabbits enjoy living together, but only if they can get to know each other. Strangers to their territory are attacked and forced to run away. If you didn't buy the two rabbits at the same time and ... Read More »

A group of rabbits?

the collective noun is a warren, a nest, a colony, a bevy or a trace

Do rabbits eat petunias?

On One Hand: Rabbits Love to Eat PetuniasRabbits love to eat petunias. With no exceptions, rabbits eat all varieties of petunia.On the Other: Prevention is PossibleMeasures can be tried to keep pet... Read More »