How to Get Rid of Problematic Skin?

Answer Pimples are a physical problem in late tweens and teenagers. They can appear in all areas of your face and are seen as an ‘unattractive’ thing to have. More serious forms of pimples and blackhe... Read More »

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How to Face a Problematic Friend?

We meet with difficult people at different times in our lives. For some it's a nasty boy or girl at nursery or primary school, for some others is the lousy friend in secondary school that sat close... Read More »

Are single-parent homes problematic for children?

On One Hand: Perils of Single ParenthoodIn a 2008 Psychology Today article, Roy Baumeister says, "It was fashionable and politically correct to assert that it was perfectly fine for parents to get ... Read More »

What skin color do you like White skin, Black skin, or Tan skin?

I like all color skin. pale white is my favIts all about what is on the inside.

How to Get Great Looking Skin, Radiant Skin, Smooth Skin?

A beautiful complexion not only has the power to make you feel good, but it's a sure indicator of health and wellness. There are many factors that work together to create a beautiful complexion. Ev... Read More »