How to Get Rid of Plaque in a Pot for Boiling Water?

Answer The unsightly plaque that builds up inside a pot used for boiling water comes from mineral deposits and limescale. Hard water leaves this residue behind and, although it's barely noticeable at firs... Read More »

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Why does boiling milk overflow but boiling water does not?

Probably due to the fat molecules in milk. The fat separates from the thinner, watery liquid and as the water in the milk boils the steam rises and this milk fat layer moves up. You can prevent th... Read More »

Does boiling water purify it?

yes its the fastest way to remove some contaminants.

Why do you need to use boiling water for jello?

I am not really sure.... but if you have the Weather Channel Desktop, you can get virus' such as Security Tool. The reason they get into it is because The Weather Channel is a trusted website and t... Read More »

I spilled boiling water on myself?

DO NOT PUT IT UNDER COLD WATER. if you put it under luke warm water its better for soothing the burn,next take some baby rash cream(like for but burns for infants) and put it over your burn, it soo... Read More »