How to Get Rid of Pixels in Pictures?

Answer Pixels are the building blocks of digital pictures. The more pixels on a digital cameras sensor, the higher the resolution of the camera. Pixels are used to convert the scene captured by the camera... Read More »

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What are the pixels in digital pictures?

Each "pixel" is a part of the image that remembers a very small part of the digital picture. It is due to the huge number of pixels (megapixel = 1,000,000 pixels) that your digital images retain so... Read More »

How many pictures can fit on a 2 GB card at 3.2 mega pixels?

Once you have a digital camera and a compatible memory chip, you can take almost countless pictures for no additional expense. As the memory chip fills up, you can upload it to a computer and then ... Read More »

8 mega pixels and 2 gb how many pictures will it hold?

Canon EOS 5 is a Prosumer/high-end 35mm film camera. That means that you have a piece of professional equipment in your hands. Very useful for who knows the technique of photography, less useful fo... Read More »

How many 2 meag pixels pictures can you put on a 256 mb card?

Pentax K-mount lenses.