How to Get Rid of Moth Larvae in a Carpet?

Answer Moth Larvae ruins carpets. Small white rice-like cocoons enjoy feasting on household fabric. Moths lay these eggs in dry areas, so carpet is an ideal breeding ground for moth larvae. While it may n... Read More »

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Is this a carpet beetle larvae?

It is definitely not a bug of any sort. It looks like either dirt, or a really tiny poop. If it's not moving, don't worry. Trash it and go to sleep.Could you help me? Read More »

What Qualities Does a Moth Have That Makes it a Moth?

Moths and butterflies both belong to the scientific order Lepidoptera. According to "Butterflies and Moths" by David A. Carter, there are approximately 170,000 species of Lepidoptera. Butterflies a... Read More »

Do tadpoles eat mosquito larvae?

Yes, tadpoles do eat mosquito larvae. In fact, it is often recommended that you add tadpoles to a garden pond to help control a mosquito population. Besides eating the mosquito larvae, tadpoles eve... Read More »

How to Identify Termite Larvae?

Termites are extremely destructive and dangerous insects to find in your home. They have the ability to eat a vast amount of wood in a short amount of time, which can undermine the structural stabi... Read More »