How to Get Rid of Mold in a Boxspring?

Answer According to the Better Sleep Council, the Average American spends one third of his life in bed, which equals approximately 220,000 hours a person will spend lounging, relaxing or sleeping in a bed... Read More »

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Is a boxspring necessary for a child's bed?

Although a boxspring is not absolutely necessary for a child's bed, it may extend the life of the mattress. As explained by The Better Sleep Council, a boxspring absorbs much of the wear and tear t... Read More »

How Do I Smother Boxspring Bedbugs?

Bed bugs are becoming increasingly problematic in some areas of the world where they had previously been nearly eradicated. Having them in your home can create a variety of troubles, including itch... Read More »

Does a mattress require a boxspring?

Mattresses typically only require box springs on specific frames or in instances where you want to raise the bed level to a certain point. Some mattresses are even impossible to place box springs u... Read More »

Is a new boxspring required when buying a new mattress?

It is not a requirement that you buy a new box spring. However, if you want to get the most comfort from your new mattress, you should buy the set. Some warranties may not cover the mattress if you... Read More »