How to Get Rid of Millet Seed Acne?

Answer Millet seed acne is acne that is in its beginning stages and is characterized by the appearance of small, hard and white bumps that are felt under the skin. When left alone, the millet seed acne ca... Read More »

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Is millet seed monocot or dicot?

i thing it is dicotfirst of all its: "I think it is a dicot"second: Yes it is one.

How to Harvest Brown Top Millet for Seed?

Brown top millet grows mainly in the southwestern U.S.. It grows about 3 feet tall and produces small, brown panicles, or grains. The stems are finer than other millet varieties and the growing sea... Read More »

Mustard Seed Soap for Acne?

Although mustard seeds are often used in culinary applications to add flavor and spice to recipes, the mustard plant also has medicinal properties. The ancient Chinese used mustard seed to treat as... Read More »

How do I cook millet?

Wash and Prepare the MilletSift through the millet, removing any small rocks or dirt. Rinse the millet under cold running water to remove any residue.Cook the Millet on the StoveCombine 1 part mill... Read More »